Asia Mining Limited is working in direct partnership with Asian governments on natural resource and national infrastructure projects.
Delivering long term, sustainable revenue by creating industry, economic development and employment in these countries.

Asia Mining Limited is an unlisted public exploration and mining company that develops low cost, highly economic, natural resource operations throughout Asia.

Securing premium assets in a timely manner and moving efficiently through exploration, feasibility and into production is the objective behind all of our developments and projects. The underlying foundation and strategic focus that delivers this optimum situation and superior returns is working directly with and/or under PPP, public private partnership, structures with governments.

The rapidly escalating demand for low cost, easily accessible, high quality and economically viable natural resources is a difficult situation to find, near impossible to attain and very rarely is secured. Asia Mining Limited, through its extensive relationships, is a unique company that successfully commercialises and delivers this desire, with a sole focus on operations in Asia, through its highly respected ability to work directly with governments and their elected officials in a collaborative, sincere and mutually rewarding environment.